Car Care Club Card

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Ladies and Gentlemen, the Car Care Club Card is worth over $450 of repairs for ONLY $99. Once purchased, please keep this membership in your glove box to make sure it is available each time your car is serviced. To use your rewards, appointments are not necessary, but are recommended.

Services Savings
4 FREE Oil Changes $85.40
Wheel Alignments $20.00
2 FREE Tire Rotation $40.00
FREE A/C Check $29.00
FREE Vehicle Inspection $29.00
FREE Wiper Blades $29.00
Front or Back Brake Repair $30.00
Complete Tune-Up $30.00
New Set of Tires $40.00
Cooling System Repair $20.00
Transmission Service $30.00
Exhaust Repair $50.00
Fuel System Cleaning $50.00
Total Cost $482.40
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